Friday, July 28, 2017

Dan Stufflebeam, passed away!

Daniel Leroy Stufflebeam, PhD; Age 80, of Kalamazoo, Michigan passed away, Sunday, July 23, 2017, what a bad news!
We cannot speaks about evaluation without speaks about Stufflebeam!
Commiseration to his family and our filed
I remember this work:
Neither too narrow nor too broad
Mohaqeqmoein,M.H.& Fetterman, D.M.
July 2008
To be useful a definition should be neither too narrow nor too broad, and like many disciplines evaluation suffers from both (Coryn, 2007, 31). Stufflebeam & Shinkfield's taxonomy suffers from being at the "too narrow" and restrictive end of the evaluation definition spectrum; excluding high quality and useful evaluation work. Stufflebeam & Shinkfield in their book" Evaluation Theory, Models, and Applications" present a new taxonomy for evaluation approaches.
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